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Light on energy

Kingspan high performance insulated envelope systems can save up to 40% of the building’s energy consumption.

Kingspan EnvelopeFirst™, in conjunction with Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM’s), is the first step on the route to Net-Zero Energy Buildings.

Light on the planet

Kingspan high performance insulated panel systems provide guaranteed insulation continuity, thermal reliability and airtightness over the whole life of a building compared with fibrous insulation materials.

1m2 of Kingspan insulated panels reduces energy consumption by 5100 kWh and saves 260.00 Euros (total savings over 60 years)

High on efficiency

The next step on the route to Net-Zero Energy Buildings is the integration of renewable technologies – Kingspan Insulate & Generate.

Insulate & Generate enables the building to achieve net-zero energy targets and even become a net-energy producer.